Black Summoner


After waking up with no memory of his past life, Kelvin sets off on an epic adventure in a whole new world. Facing one formidable foe after another, he soon discovers his true battle junkie nature as the curtains rise on an exhilarating fantasy saga!

Tags: isekai, fantasy, RPG, action, adventure, comedy, magic, OP protagonist, battle junkie

Black Summoner (Manga)


What’s a guy who wakes up in another world, with only a voice inside his head and an ultra rare class, to do? Dive straight into battle, of course! The stronger the opponent, the more exhilarating it gets…what more could a battle junkie ask for?

Tags: isekai, fantasy, RPG, action, adventure, comedy, magic, OP protagonist, battle junkie

Hell Mode


While searching for a game hardcore enough to satisfy him, Yamada Kenichi stumbles upon one boasting a grueling “Hell Mode”. Thinking he’s up to the challenge, Kenichi’s in for a shock when he finds himself reincarnated in another world—as a serf!

Tags: summoner, start from birth, reincarnation, isekai, diligent protagonist, humor, high fantasy, zero to hero, adventure, game elements, gamer protagonist

Dungeon Busters


The world suddenly finds itself faced with 666 dungeons and 10 years to clear them all…or face total annihilation. How will each country react? What can Ezoe Kazuhiko and his newfound companions do in the face of overwhelming despair?

Tags: action, magic, dungeon, monsters, low fantasy, game elements, real places, modern day, adult protagonist

There Was No Secret Evil-Fighting Organization (srsly?!), So I Made One MYSELF!


Follow along as Kinemitsu Sago, who finds himself with too much power and nowhere to use it, brings to life a world-shaking fight between forces of darkness and a secret organization to stand against it all!

Tags: OP protagonist, superpowers, esper, chuuni, comedy, action, sci-fi, slice of life, secret organization


Middle-Aged Businessman, Arise in Another World!


Onigawara Shouzou, a married father of three, must put his sales skills to the test when his family and their entire house get transported to a whole new world of monsters and magic!

Tags: businessman, isekai, magic, economics, family, OP protagonist, goddess, dragons, monsters, adult protagonist