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There Was No Secret Evil-Fighting Organization (srsly?!), So I Made One MYSELF!


Author: Hagane Kurodome (黒留 ハガネ)

Illustrator: Katto (カット)

Translator: Taishi

Editor: S.E. Ault

Hashtag: #secretorganization

Tags: OP protagonist, superpowers, esper, chuuni, comedy, action, sci-fi, slice of life, secret organization

Read Here: JNC

Kinemitsu Sago suddenly finds himself able to wield telekinesis out of the blue one fateful day. However, unlike in works of fantasy, no beautiful girl barges into his life, no secret organization knocks on his door, and in fact, absolutely nothing out of the ordinary happens at all. Eventually forced to come face to face with the reality that his life would remain unremarkable, he snaps and decides to make the extraordinary happen with his own hands! Follow along as he creates it all: a secret organization filled with espers, forces of darkness that threaten the world, protagonists, heroines, rivals, action, romance, and so much more! If you had almighty telekinesis, what would you do?

Middle-Aged Businessman,
Arise in Another World!

アラフォー営業マン、異世界に起つ! ~女神パワーで人生二度目の成り上がり~

Author: Sai Sumimori (澄守 彩)

Illustrator: Ichijirushi (いちぢるし)

Translator: Taishi

Editor: S.E. Ault

Hashtag: #businessmanisekai

Tags: businessman, isekai, magic, economics, family, OP protagonist, goddess, dragons, monsters, adult protagonist

Read Here: JNC

Onigawara Shouzou spends his days working a tiresome job at an IT company, but his life changes when, on a rainy night, he meets a goddess named Silvia—and that’s not an exaggeration, she’s an actual goddess! That night, she stays in Shouzou’s apartment, and their growing attraction to one another becomes more apparent as the night goes on… The next 13 years of Shouzou’s life pass by in a flash, and he couldn’t be happier with his new job, beautiful wife Silvia, three daughters, and brand new home. But due to some unfortunate circumstances, his house and everyone in it get transported to another world full of magic and monsters! After finding out they can’t go back to their world for at least a year, Shouzou decides that he must support his family the only way he knows how: by joining the sales department of a local guild!