Hell Mode ~The Hardcore Gamer Dominates in Another World with Garbage Balancing (LN)

ヘルモード ~やり込み好きのゲーマーは廃設定の異世界で無双する~(小説版)

Author: Hamuo (ハム男)

Illustrator: Kitada Mo (北田 藻)

Volume 1

Translator: Taishi     Editor: Seanna Hundt

“‘Level up even while offline’?! That’s not a game on ‘easy mode’—that’s just an AFK game!”
The online game Yamada Kenichi had been playing religiously is shutting down its servers, leaving him with a void in his heart. He looks for a new game to fill it, but everything he finds is way too easy. The kind of game he likes—the kind punishing enough to make players want to spend thousands of hours on it—just isn’t around anymore.
“What’s this? ‘You are invited to a game that will never end.’”

Kenichi stumbles upon an untitled game, one promising incomparable challenge with unprecedented potential. Without hesitation, he selects the “Hell Mode” difficulty. Lo and behold, he finds himself reincarnated in another world as a serf!

Now called Allen, he sets out to unlock the secrets of the mystery-laden Summoner class; without the convenience of walkthroughs, game guides, or online forums, he must grope his way to the top of his new world!

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Volume 2

Translator: Taishi     Editor: Seanna Hundt

A new adventure awaits Allen as he enters the service of a noble!

After climbing up the social ladder from serf to manservant, Allen now finds himself dragged around by the whims of the willful young lady of the house, Cecil Granvelle. Despite this, he is free to leave the city—and immerse himself in hunting monsters!

As Allen meticulously grinds on goblins and orcs, both he and his Summons grow stronger by the day. At the same time, he begins to earn the trust of the members of House Granvelle with his diligent work ethic.

Just as everything seems to be going well, however, the viscount overseeing the next fiefdom over seems to be up to something.

As danger creeps toward Cecil, Allen declares, “I promised to protect you, Lady Cecil. And I keep my promises.”

Going all out with his skills and Summons, Allen must resist evil and impending doom!

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