Black Summoner (Manga)


Author: Doufu Mayoi (迷井 豆腐)

Mangaka: Gin Ammo (天羽 銀)

Volume 1

Translator: Taishi     Editor: Tess Nanavati     Letterer: Nikki Dubois

“If you truly want to get stronger, you have to challenge and defeat those stronger than yourself.”

While being transmigrated to another world, Kelvin bartered away his memories for a collection of powerful new abilities. Setting out on the ultimate adventure as the world’s strongest Summoner — with his first Follower being the very goddess who brought him over! — he soon discovers his true nature as a battle junkie. Someone wants to pick a fight? Sure, bring it on! Facing off against one formidable foe after another, Kelvin can hardly contain his delight as he revels in the absolute exhilaration of a good fight! The curtain rises on the start of an epic saga as this black-clad warrior and his allies carve their way into the annals of history! See the colorful characters and the thrilling battles come to life in this visual retelling of the light novel series by Doufu Mayoi.

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Original Japanese (support the industry!): Overlap (Comic Gardo)

Volume 2

Translator: Taishi     Editor: Tess Nanavati     Letterer: Nikki Dubois

“Well, that’s because we have no doubt that we can beat you!”

Ever since arriving in a new world, in possession of rare and powerful abilities that he acquired by bartering away his memories, Kelvin has steadily continued building up his party by gathering powerful allies one after another. Now, the threat of a demon — a race only told of in legends and stories past — looms over Parth, the City of Peace. As the most powerful party in the area, Kelvin and his allies are tasked with the investigation and handling of this new threat — only to walk into a life-and-death fight with a Rank S opponent!

Our snarky, fun-loving battle junkie faces his most formidable foe yet…but luckily, he’s got some of the most formidable allies around to combat them! The exhilarating battle fantasy journey continues as this black-clad warrior and his companions continue to leave their mark upon the world!

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Original Japanese (support the industry!): Overlap (Comic Gardo)

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