Mm, it’s a bit of a shorter release this time.
Here’s the character list released as of the end of Vol 3!

My takeaway is “Everything is fire, and fire is everything.”
That, and RIP Oyabun. 😥

Anyways, enjoy!

Ok, now for some admin/scheduling announcements.

  1. About Secret Org Vol 4
    As promised, I’ll be releasing Chapter 1 next week, usual time. However, I’m very, very sorry to say that after that, I will be taking a roughly 1 month break, because the new series I recently accepted for JNC now puts me at 2 part releases each week + my full time job, which puts me at around a 80+ hour work week, not including commute to work, etc. The new book is much bigger than I’d thought, I underestimated the amount of time I needed to work on it. That said, I’ll be done within the month of October, after which I’ll be able to resume Secret Org. I’ll continue working on the series in little bits here and there, so I’ll announce the specific date when I’m close to finishing. I ask for your understanding 🙏
  2. About the Secret Org livestreams
    These I will be continuing, sort of as a way to make up for the lack of chapters and keep the momentum going, no matter how slow it is. So with that said, it’ll be resuming tomorrow!
    Time: October 4 (Sunday) at 10:00am (GMT+8)
  3. About Yoshiaki’s livestreams
    As a way to allow myself a small break (a 2 hr break per week hopefully sounds reasonable), I’m considering starting a weekly gaming streaming thingy. I will be trying it out starting literally 2 hours from now, and depending on how I like it (or don’t), I might be continuing it, I’ll see. As we had briefly mentioned on the Discord, once things calm down a bit for me, maybe we can have a gaming session together. For now though, I just want to keep things simple. Just fire up a game, play 2 hours, get back to work. So yep, that’s that.
    Time: October 3 (Saturday) at 10:00am (GMT+8)

Feel free to drop by either stream if you’re free!