There Was No Secret Evil-Fighting Organization (srsly?!), So I Made One MYSELF!

Secret Organizations Member List

Volume 3: Tsukuyomi, the Dark Secret Organization



Name (Nickname)

Gender: Male / Female / Other

Age & Birthday: (whatever had been revealed up to the latest chapter)

Superpower: Name of superpower & superpower source

Growth Rate: Growth rate determined through fundamental ability training

Fundamental Growth Count: Number of times that the fundamental ability had improved

Fundamental Power: (Growth rate) to the power of (Fundamental Growth Count). Meant as a rough indication of the conceptual size of the esper’s superpower source. Not necessarily representative of fighting strength.

Starting Ability: The basic ability/abilities expressed by the superpower at the start

Secondary Ability: The secondary ability/abilities obtained through adaptability training

Personality & Traits: Motivations and compulsions

Physical Traits: Appearance & physical capabilities

Personal History: (mentioned in the past)



Sago Kinemitsu (Master, Boss, World Shadow, IT, Invisible Titan)

Gender: Male

Age & Birthday: May

Superpower: Telekinesis (Telekimuscle)

Growth Rate: 1.3x

Fundamental Growth Count: A bunch

Fundamental Power: A lot

Starting Ability: Can push/pull anything 3 g or lighter within range of sight while directing his hands at the target.

Secondary Ability:

  1. Super output: Very strong.
  2. Multidirectional: Can move and stop targets in any direction.
  3. Barrier: Can manipulate telekinesis as an energy and shape it into an invisible slab or membrane of any desired form.
  4. Super precision: Can perform tasks that require precision beyond human limits.
  5. Limited simultaneous processing: Can perform 2 to 5 tasks using telekinesis simultaneously, depending on the mental load. Complicated and discrete tasks are difficult to perform simultaneously; simple tasks are easy. For example, making three mannequins (of the same build) do different motions at the same time is harder than making ten of them do the same thing at the same time.
  6. Instantaneous activation: Fastest activation record is 0.13 seconds. (ref: average human reaction time is 0.2 seconds)
  7. Clairvoyance: Can ‘see’ anything up to the back of a rock on the side of Mars facing away from Earth.
  8. Isolation: Can erect a barrier that can block heat, radiation, radio waves, electromagnetic waves, and light.
  9. Extrasenses: Can hear, touch, taste, and smell things within the range achievable with clairvoyance.
  10. Superpower source interference: Can touch, grant, and take away superpower sources.

Personality & Traits: Almost always in a half pissed-off state. Has the heart of a lower middle class citizen, but sometimes goes absolutely off the rails. Attracted by the extraordinary within the ordinary. Superpower-gifting oji-san. Wanted to experience an adolescence with superpowers but couldn’t, and so is now obsessed with creating an adolescence with superpowers for others and watching it. (If I want something, I have to make it happen myself, don’t I?!)

Physical Traits: Appearance of an average Japanese male adult. Features aren’t too bad (note by Kaburagi). Missing his right arm.

Personal History: N/A


Kaburagi Shiori (TL, Time Lady, Duchess)

Gender: Female

Age & Birthday: N/A

Superpower: Chronoprohiberis (Stoprotein)

Growth Rate: 1.7

Fundamental Growth Count: 19x (growth ceiling reached)

Fundamental Power: 23,907

Starting Ability: Can stop time for 0.00184 seconds. Air, clothing, and light also becomes stopped, making it impossible to breath, move, or see anything. Anything within her body remains unaffected.

Secondary Ability: 

  1. Intermittent stopping: Can stop time for a maximum duration of 44 seconds, with this number going down with fatigue. By using the power for only 10 seconds and taking 1 minute of rest in between, can continue using this ability for a maximum of 30 minutes (this is the most efficient usage).
  2. Discretionary exclusion: Can move about normally when the ability is activated due to mumbo jumbo about time and light. Also, can exclude discretionary targets from the effects of the ability, enabling them to also move about. Excluding targets with the same volume as her own body volume bears no effect on the duration of the ability, but anything larger would negatively affect duration with inverse proportion. The ability can be used with precision to stop someone’s heart, make stairs in midair, etc.

Personality & Traits: Continues to dream of being a princess living in a castle or a magical girl even today. Able to dedicate boundless effort taking realistic steps towards goals that others would deem impossible. Proud. Does her best to resolve matters not with violence but with logic. Has an accurate self-image of the beauty that she had built up and is quite self-confident about it. Almost never feels embarrassment from her own actions and past history.

Physical Traits: Easier to put on weight than some. Is maintaining a perfect body through daily exercise and careful nutritional management. Has huge breasts. Her originally uglier-than-a-potato face has undergone extensive plastic surgery. Pure Japanese blood. Long hair, usually in a wavy style. Always wearing makeup. Natural voice is husky1, but her practiced voice is clear. Extremely intelligent.

Personal History: N/A


Hasumi Touka (BG, Burning Girl)

Gender: Female

Age & Birthday: N/A

Superpower: Pyrokinesis (Burninglutamin)

Growth Rate: 1.4 (duration of growth pain halved)

Fundamental Growth Count: 35x (growth ceiling reached)

Fundamental Power: 130,161

Starting Ability: Can emit 41℃ sparks from her hands for 0.5 seconds. Gains resistance to the temperature of the heat being emitted when the superpower is in use. 

Secondary Ability: 

  1. Superheat: Can emit fire up to 4,000℃. Enough to melt or burn almost anything.
  2. Longlasting: If it’s just letting the power leak from her hands at 90% output, she can maintain it for 18 hours straight. If it’s maximum output at maximum range, maximum duration falls under 20 minutes.
  3. Shape-affected range: From nearest to farthest range, flame sword (1~5 m), flame tornado (2 m), flame bomb/flamethrower (5 m), flame lance (30 m). The flame lance accelerates for 5 m before flying until 30 m on momentum, so technically has a range of 5 m. Precision of control inversely proportional to range. She can even create phoenix-like birds on top of her palm.
  4. Flame propulsion: Can expel flames with great force (but with reduced temperatures) to serve as propulsion to accelerate and fly with. Unable to perform precise maneuvers. Requires the aid of a PSI drive.

Personality & Traits: Buddhist-type girl who follows her own customized version of Buddhism. Is diligently gathering merit even today in hopes of attaining enlightenment someday.

Physical Traits: Short hair. Looks docile. Small build. Physical capabilities just a little below average. Excellent flexibility and sense of balance.

Personal History: N/A


Takahashi Shouta (FK, Freezing Knight)

Gender: Male

Age & Birthday: N/A

Superpower: Cryokinesis (Iceteroid)

Growth Rate: 1.4

Fundamental Growth Count: 22x (growth ceiling reached)

Fundamental Power: 1,640

Starting Ability: Can emit 0.2℃ cold air from his hands. The ability works by slowing the atoms of the target, so sturdiness goes up in proportion to coldness. There’s no limit to duration of usage, but trying to cool a target beyond his limits causes fatigue. Gains resistance to the temperature of the coldness being emitted when the superpower is in use.

Secondary Ability: 

  1. Absolute Zero: Can emit cold air infinitely close to the temperature of absolute zero (-273.15℃). Targets chilled to this degree can withstand power enough to crush Tokyo Sky Tree.
  2. Extended range: Basic range of 5 m, but the cold air can be thrown about to affect targets farther away.
  3. Shape manipulation: Can freely manipulate the shape of the cold air. The coldness itself can also be controlled, making it possible to create a paper-thin surface -100℃ on one side and room temperature on the other.
  4. Freezing beam: Can gather cold air and shoot it as a beam. Range of several hundred meters. Can be used to freeze the air itself at a distance of his choosing. Requires the aid of a PSI drive.

Personality & Traits: Previously a common middle school boy. Now awakened to the Truth of Fire. Everything is fire, and fire is everything. Likes flashiness.

Physical Traits: Short hair dyed red. Physical capabilities quite a bit over average. Extremely good battle sense.

Personal History: N/A


Igbadi Sognah Muguu (Ig)


Age & Birthday: N/A

Superpower: Healing (Healinglycogen)

Growth Rate: 1.5

Fundamental Growth Count: 24x (growth ceiling reached)

Fundamental Power: 16,834

Starting Ability: Can emit a white, gentle light from her hands that provides healing. Effect almost imperceptible. Can heal wounds, illnesses, and old wounds only so far as to restore the target’s body to a “normal” state, but cannot create/remove matter (ex. cannot “heal” malnutrition). Cannot remove bullets left in the body or regenerate lost organs. However, can slowly break down bullets and, with proper and constant nutrition intake, induce organ regrowth. Usage of this ability on a healthy individual will induce youthfulness. Cannot revive the dead.

Secondary Ability: None. However, after training, the fundamental ability has become so powerful as to heal anything within several seconds (aside from death).

Personality & Traits: Greatly hates the smell of makeup and perfume. Very curious. Loves Sago Kinemitsu.

Physical Traits: Super cute.

Personal History: N/A


Kumano Sakyou (Kuma-san)

Gender: Male

Age & Birthday: N/A

Superpower: None

Personality & Traits: Loves works where characters without superpowers use muscles and martial arts to defeat superpowered characters.

Physical Traits: Bulky, muscular build. Deep-set face that looks like a bear’s.

Personal History: N/A



Tsukimori Tsuyoshi (Oyabun, Tombstone Man)

Gender: Male

Age & Birthday: N/A

Superpower: Self-strengthening (Mukimukin)

Growth Rate: 1.04

Fundamental Growth Count: 90x (growth stopped)

Fundamental Power: 34

Starting Ability: Can boost his own physical strength, stamina, toughness, and self-healing capabilities by 1.01x for 8 seconds.

Secondary Ability: 

  1. Distribution of strengthening: Can freely distribute the bolstering effects of the superpower between strength, toughness, and self-healing.
  2. Lasting symptoms: The tattered state of his superpower is negatively affecting his physical body.

Personality & Traits: Incredibly huge heart. Lives for justice and honor. Loves helping people by going to where they are, talking to them, and trying to understand their perspectives. Lives in the extraordinary but highly values the ordinary. A saint.

Physical Traits: Missing his right eye. Wears an eyepatch. Wheelchair-bound. Physical appearance of a bodybuilder. The very spitting image of a retired yakuza boss.

Personal History: N/A


Miyama Kyousuke (Guitar Fatty)

Gender: Male

Age & Birthday: N/A

Superpower: Sonic Projection (Soundpamin)

Growth Rate: 1.5

Fundamental Growth Count: 20x (growth ceiling reached)

Fundamental Power: 3,325

Starting Ability: Can emit a 25 dB sound for a maximum of 6 seconds from his mouth (ref: a whisper is 30 dB). While listening to this sound, other espers no longer suffer fatigue when using their own superpowers. It is not enough to just hear the sound; the sound must be discernible for it to affect the other esper (ie. the effect is lost when there is a louder sound).

Secondary Ability: 

  1. Pacing: The ability can be maintained anywhere between 5 hours (at 25 dB) to 5 minutes (at 190 dB).
  2. Ventriloquism: The source of the sound can be freely set as anywhere within 50 m in sight.
  3. Loudness adjustment: Can emit sounds of up to 190 dB (ref: an exploding stun grenade is 160~180 dB).

Personality & Traits: Highly values laughing and having fun. Used to dream of becoming a guitarist; always walks around with his guitar. Loves music. Really good at destroying the mood.

Physical Traits: Puts on weight easily. Is fat and balding.

Personal History: N/A


Christina Najin (Ninja)

Gender: Female

Age & Birthday: N/A

Superpower: Psychometry (Readinglucosamin)

Growth Rate: 1.4

Fundamental Growth Count: 46x (growth ceiling reached)

Fundamental Power: 5,270,959

Starting Ability: Can acquire the “sensory memory” of whatever she touches for up to 0.9 s in the past. Her ability can be used on living beings too, but the reading becomes fuzzy. Cannot read thoughts. Basically can experience for herself what the target heard, saw, smelled, tasted, and touched. A single use tires her out.

Secondary Ability: 

  1. Pacing: Can read at most 2 months into the past, but this tires her out. Can read 1 month into the past 2 times, 1 week in the past 8 times, etc.
  2. Precognition: Can instantaneously read 9 seconds into the future. A single use tires her out.

Personality & Traits: Very friendly, always cheerful. Aiming to become a real ninja. Rather merciless to her enemies; would not hesitate to stab them with her katana or sink them into a moat.

Physical Traits: Blond hair, blue eyes, natural beauty. Flat chest. Unmatched flexibility and sense of balance. Very nimble.

Personal History: N/A


Lonalia Linalia Baba-Nyan (Baba, BBA)

Gender: Equivalent of female

Age & Birthday: 3rd leaf of summer

Superpower: None

Personality & Traits: Loves stories about demon lords and heroes.

Physical Traits: Lolibaba with blue eyes and silver hair done up in braids. Always has a branch from a tree stuck in her hair. Possesses long ears like an elf. Has extremely good hearing. All the joints on her body have greater range of motion than the respective joints of a human body. Can stop her own heart to play dead. Very fast legs. Possesses superhuman skillfulness. Herbivore. Has a brain suitable for parallel thinking and high-speed learning. Appearance seems human, but is actually a being from an entirely different world. Can actually use a huge range of magic, but there’s no MP on Earth.

Personal History: N/A


Yaku Yoruhisa (Aniki, Telekinetic Bastard)

Stricken off the records.

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1 The Japanese have a concept about “ugly” voices and “beautiful” voices. From what I understand, it basically boils down to a throaty, husky voice being “ugly.” Here’s an example.


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