I’m so sorry for the super long hiatus, guys. I said 3 weeks, it ended up being 6 weeks 🙈
I’m back! Sorta.
Cutting to the chase, it’s gonna be a “one chapter every other week” kind of deal, pretty much.
So…… yeah.
{Edit: Whelp, I was far too optimistic with the above scheduling. Basically, chapters are gonna go up when I finish them, which might take two weeks or three weeks depending on how many streams it takes me to finish them in.}

Without further ado, here’s the next chapter!

About the streaming, I’m going to be doing all of the translating on stream.
In order to do that I’ll be changing the time I do the streams.
This is the new time going forward:
(GMT+8) Tues 9am – 12 noon
(PST) Mon 6pm – 9pm
(EST) Mon 9pm – 12 midnight

That said, here are the links for the Chapter 8 streams!
Part 1:
Part 2:

The hope is that since I’ll be doing it longer, ppl can feel more free to just chat, ask questions about Japanese and translation and what not.
So yep, drop by if you’re free!