Thanks for reading with us all the way up to here!

Yep, the story for Vol 2 is pretty much over. Parts 9 and 10 are pretty much all going to be about ………. well, you’ve probably guessed it, Agent Nicolas!

Our favorite super capable but super deadbeat drunkard agent 😂

Hope you guys enjoy! (though Part 9 is more just set-up, Part 10 is where all the action and redemption is at, so make sure to stick with us for one more week!)

Read here:

(Feel free to point out grammatical mistakes, clunky text (suggest how you’d word it instead), etc on either the JNC forums or on here.)

And next is the list of references (that I caught) for this time:

  • Ugongo Wa Pepo: This is very likely a reference to Ukongo Wa Pepo, which is a suuuuuuper niche reference to the mecha driven by a suuuuper minor character Njamji in the Armored Core series made by FromSoftware (more famous for Dark Souls and recently Sekirou). The change from Ukongo to Ugongo is most likely for copyright reasons. However, this character is so freaking minor that I spent a whole hour looking him up before realizing he isn’t even mentioned in the English game wiki hahaha. For future reference, here’s the link to a Japanese wiki that mentions this:ンジャムジ
  • Guroneko Yamato: Kuroneko Yamato aka Yamato Transport Co., Ltd is one of Japan’s largest door-to-door delivery service companies. But switching out the “K” with a “G” turns the “black” (kuro) cat into a “guro” (gory) cat 🙈
  • Spirytus: “one of the hardest liquors in the world” at 96% ……… c’mon Agent Nicolas, seriously?!?!