Telekinesis vs. telekinesis!
Good vs. evil!
Battle of the centuries!
Come on, come all; you wouldn’t want to miss this!

Here’s this week’s chapter:

Yes, this is the last chapter of this volume.
It might look like there are 2 side stories, but it’s actually just 1, with the other being a character list kind of thing.
I will be doing the side story next week, after which I’ll be taking one week off.
I’ll upload the character list on Oct 3 as a wind-up for the next volume, then Vol 4 Ch 1 should go up on Oct 10.
(Main reason is because I just got another project with JNC (which I think you guys would quite like, actually; more details later!), and it’s a lot thicker than I expected.)

Same for the streaming. I’ll be doing one more stream tmr, then taking a break from it until Oct 11.
Time: September 13 (Sunday) at 10:00 (GMT+8)
Here’s this week’s link:
Feel free to drop by if you’re free!