Hey guys, sorry to keep doing this every once in a while. 🙈

Thank you for reading and enjoying Secret Org; you guys’ comments always make my day.

However, something has happened on my end, and I foresee it taking quite a bit of time in the next few weeks, time that I wouldn’t be able to eke out if I am to maintain a three-chapter/week release schedule.

So I’m sorry to say this (especially in the middle of an arc!), but Secret Org will be put on hiatus for maybe 2 or 3 weeks (not guaranteed).

I’ll still be chipping away at it during my weekly live translation streams (Channel link: https://bit.ly/TaishiCh), so if you’re interested, come join me there.

Otherwise, may I suggest that you join our Discord? When the releases resume, I’ll ping @everyone (and I don’t use this command for anything else but Secret Org chapter releases).

Once again, I’m terribly, terribly sorry about this. 🙇‍♂️

I hope to see you again when we’re back!