Official announcement!!!

So thing with Secret Org is, the Japanese LN got cut off after Vol 2 (seriously, like, why).
So then I went like, 🤔, wait, does this mean Vol 3 and onwards is not bound by licensing problems?
So I got into contact with Kurodome-sensei, the Japanese author.
And would you believe it, he gave me the go ahead to fanslate Vol 3 onwards!
I also confirmed this with J-Novels (the English publisher for Vols 1 to 2), and got confirmation that everything is aboveboard and legal.
Then I also talked it out with ChewyBaguette/Chrispybagel, and he was very understanding (again, sorry, man!).

So YAYYYY we can do it, like, for legit!

Just a heads up though, as I still have a full-time job, and I have a new series launching soon early July that has both an LN and a manga, plus I still need to game (this is important for de-stressing!), releases are going to be slow. I don’t think I’ll be able to promise any specific release schedule, as I don’t want to over-pressure myself. But well, I’ve confirmed with all relevant parties, so this is definitely going to happen!

For now, feel free to join our Discord server, looks like they’re making quite a fuss over there 😅😂

II’ll try to get the first chapter out soon, so, see you then!