Look what came in the mail today!

OMG so happy haha, finally got my own physical copies!!! Even though it isn't much, still wanted to support the Japanese authors somehow. Plus, I get to start building my collection hehe. Just taking advantage of this opportunity to flex my collection a little (sorry, been on /r/LightNovels a bit too much recently haha. Of course, I still have more, but maybe another time ............ Thanks to everyone who helped support Isekai BBA, and cheers to everyone who's still going through Secret Org...

Secret Org Vol 2 Part 4/10

Somebody praise me for keeping the 5-7-5 haiku format pls 😛 On another note, sorry it's a bit of a shorter release this time. Couldn't extend it anymore, cus coming up next is getting into Sago's setup, would be even more awkward to stop in the middle of that. Plus we've been doing a bit more than average the past two or three weeks cus I was trying to do complete chapters. For now, please enjoy our new character ..... Suspicious Uncle. Read here:...

After the scene of Kaburagi dealing with the detective

OK this isn't really related to Secret Org so much, but remember that scene where Kaburagi sort of dealt with the detective, and also all the offhand comments about how the police had learned to deal with all the "eccentrics and oddballs" and "all the trouble they cause" about a year after the Super Water Sphere Incident? So just randomly today, I watched Paolo in Tokyo's video about getting arrested in Japan (see here). All the comments below the video about the upcoming Olympics sort of feel...

Secret Org Vol 2 Part 3/10

Oooo, the plot finally starts to move.....! And Agent Nicolas.....🤦 Read here: (Feel free to point out grammatical mistakes, clunky text (suggest how you'd word it instead), etc on either the JNC forums or on here.)

Secret Org Vol 1 (full book) for sale!

Hot damn! No. 2! What an honor..... For those of you hoping to buy the completed ebook, check it out here! Though of course, if you buy the Premium version on JNC itself, you will get....*drumroll*.... FIVE more short stories! They're all nice and sweet, and bound to elicit a chuckle from you 😛

Secret Org Vol 2 Part 2/10

Sago is hetare as always, and Kaburagi is so pwetty as always. It felt a bit surreal translating the names of arcade games from Japanese to English. Like whack-a-mole is "wani tataki" cus over there, they whack crocodiles instead of moles. Lol. Read here: (Feel free to point out grammatical mistakes, clunky text (suggest how you'd word it instead), etc on either the JNC...

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