OK this isn’t really related to Secret Org so much, but remember that scene where Kaburagi sort of dealt with the detective, and also all the offhand comments about how the police had learned to deal with all the “eccentrics and oddballs” and “all the trouble they cause” about a year after the Super Water Sphere Incident?

So just randomly today, I watched Paolo in Tokyo’s video about getting arrested in Japan (see here).

All the comments below the video about the upcoming Olympics sort of feel really similar to what I had imagined inside my head for the Super Water Sphere Incident lol ……… imagine the police having to deal with not just normal tourists and sports athletes, but eccentrics who do voodoo and other eccentricities who don’t speak a lick of Japanese…..🤦

Sorry, there isn’t really a point to this post, just felt like sharing haha.