This post is a quick rundown for those who are new to how the whole J-Novel thing works

So basically, we’ve split up the entire volume into 10 parts (depending on the book, sometimes it’s 8 parts). Then each week, we’ll be releasing 1 part. And for Secret Org, the release time is Mondays at PDT 4:00 pm (Tuesday 7:00 am for those in GMT+8).

And unlike before, yes you will now need to pay. For $4.95/month (or $4.50/month for an annual membership), you get access to not only the novels I’m working on, but also the ones being worked on by all other JNC translators! So if you can afford it, and you like reading light novels, imo this is actually a really good deal *wink wink.

Then after all the parts of a volume get released, there will be a bit of time for final editing, QC, and we’ll also add some premium content to it (ie. Q&A with the translator and editor, limited content released together with purchases in specific chains in Japan), and then sell it as a fully published ebook.

Well, that’s about it for the rundown. For more details, check the official page here: