And starting off the part with doggos (kobolds and hellhounds) and some reference to sexy times seems par the course, nothing’s out of the ordinary here. Hahaha.

Well, as always, here’s the map, and here’s the chapter.

Then here are this week’s notes!

  1. Special Forces Group (SFGp): Basically Japan’s “Delta Force”
  2. “Department store outside of Sendai Station”: S-Pal
  3. “Dateichi”: Datenari (wagyu yakiniku!!!!)
    Hanasaki Toro is an actual offering on the menu at Datenari and, like everything else, looks so freaking goooood.
  4. Junmai daiginjo-shu: pure-rice sake made without using brewer’s alcohol
  5. “Ginou”: Ginsen
  6. New countries introduced:
    Danmark (Denmark)
    Finlanti (Finland)
    Belau (Palau)
    Indira (India)
  7. New dungeon locations mentioned:
    Las Vegas Dungeon
  8. “Number 8 Gyoza Restaurant”: Number 7 Gyoza Restaurant
  9. “Once again, I’ve cut a worthless object…”: Quote from Goemon, the character who wields Zantetsuken in Lupin III
  10. Yellowtail (buri) from Himi and Kaga vegetables both being famous ingredients from the Hokuriku area.
  11. “ollo building”: elle building

And that’s all for this week.
Next week is the final chapter, “The World Stirs,” which takes a step back from focusing on Japan to give a big picture look at how the rest of the world is doing.
Look forward to it!

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