We’re back with Part 2 of Dungeon Busters Vol 2!!!!!
It’s a straight line to the lowest floor of Sapporo Dungeon — what could go wrong, eh?
I personally am happy to see some more dungeon action, so there y’all go.
And can I just say, I really love that Akira shouts out the names of his techniques, cus the louder you shout a move, the more powerful it is, right? 🔥

All right, here’s the map as usual, and here’s the chapter.
Warning about minor spoilers below, so go read it first!

Here are this week’s notes!

  1. The thing about Zantetsuken is that in the source material (Lupin), it couldn’t cut through konnyaku.
    As a refresher, the description for Cosmic Zantetsuken says: “A legendary sword said to be capable of cutting anything in this world, with the sole exception of jiggly things like konnyaku.”
  2. “Certain Rushian mafia boss who smokes cigars…from a certain manga”: This has to be Balalaika from Black Lagoon, right?
  3. I think I’ve shared it a few times, but I had to reference this official translation of Japanese gvt department/position names quite a few times in this part, so I’m sharing it again.
  4. The Guardian on Floor 7 of Sapporo Dungeon reminds me of The Gleam Eyes from SAO so much haha.
  5. Third character card is a Chinese kung fu master!
  6. Ezoe cited “365 days, 5 hours, 48 minutes, and 46 seconds” as the length of one revolution. This appears to be the number for a tropical year.
  7. The restaurant that Mari and her friends love, Shells, is a reference to Silverd, which is actually on Showa Dori south of Koiwa Station.
  8. The karaoke place that Mari and her friends visited, Utayuuen, is a reference to Utahiroba, which actually does have a branch close to the north exit of Koiwa Station. Sadly, the student price is now ¥137/30mins, not ¥125. Still super cheap though.
  9. 1-seg is “a mobile terrestrial digital audio/video and data broadcasting service in Japan, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Peru and the Philippines.”
  10. Mongolian barbeque / Genghis Khan: What is there to say? It just looks so freaking good.
  11. “Beer Keller Sapporo Pioneer Story” is a reference to “Bier Keller Sapporo Pioneer Development” (ビヤケラー札幌開拓使)
  12. Sapporo Factory is a real mall in a building previously used as a brick factory.
  13. Keisan Shimbun: new generic newspaper name
  14. “Mitsuba Nitachi Power Systems” is a reference to “Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems, Ltd.“, the old name for what is now Mitsubishi Power.
  15. Seems only fitting that the last reference in this part is also a restaurant haha. Ebisoba is a proper chain, which does actually have a branch in New Chitose Airport.

This is quite a bit less than last week, but that’s cus we’re making a lot more progress in the story itself.
Next week is the next chapter, “Founding of Dungeon Busters, Inc.”!

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