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Here are the notes from this time!

  1. Myu-chan getting its very own Hajime no Ippo series when.
  2. The Japanese dwarf flying squirrel (ezo momonga) is native to Japan on Honshu and Kyushu. Here, have some cute animal pics to make your day!
  3. Here is a tutorial video (from Shotokan too!) for the mawashi uke. Looks so cool ✨ Now imagine this move slapping away a fireball.
  4. “Fri*z’s and Cra*k’s and Kab*om’s” are references to the Dragon Quest spells of Frizz, Crack, and Kaboom.
  5. Here is a list of official English translations for the names of various positions in the Japanese government, in case anyone wants it.
  6. Nicori Douga is a reference to Nico Nico Douga, a sort of Japanese version of Youtube. Here, live comments are streamed across the video itself (ie. instead of being in a separate panel at the side).
  7. The “lost generation” is the generation who graduated university during the so-called Lost Decade, the period of time between 1991 to 2001 when the Japanese economy was in a period of great economic downturn.
  8. Height of 172 cm and weight of 85 kg works out to be a BMI of 28.7, which is within the 25.00 – 29.99 category of “Overweight.”
  9. Here is an attache case that holds ¥100,000,000. The stated size is 45×34×17cm. So now, imagine 15 of these for Kazuhiko’s demonstration.
  10. I don’t usual include memes in the translation, but this was chat from a livestream, so it seemed appropriate. Hope it got a chuckle out of you.
  11. I think quite a few already know the “-shi” suffix as a very polite, impersonal suffix used in formal writing and news reports. What you might not have known is that this is also a commonly-used suffix among otaku.
  12. The saying from Kazuhiko about being 20 and 40 and 50 and so on is possibly a reference to this quote from Confucius (Book II of The Analects):
    “The Master says: At 15 I set my heart on learning, at 30 I know where I stood, at 40 I have no more doubts, at 50 I knew the will of Heaven (life’s purpose), at 60 my ears were attuned (i.e. my moral sense was developed), and at 70 I followed my heart’s desire without crossing the line.”
  13. Sangokushi is a manga series that ran in Comic Tom from 1971 to 1986. It’s a retelling of the Chinese Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

Whoop, that’s it for this time. Not much happened in the world at large, but we got a lot of progress within Dungeon Busters itself. Hope you enjoyed!

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