The world is really starting to move in seriousness, with the Japanese government leading the way (of course, haha).

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This time, it’s mostly policy decisions though, so there aren’t too many footnotes this time. Still, here y’all go.

  1. The Sapporo Snow Festival is an annual event hosted at several sites in Sapporo (with one of the sites being Odori Park) where teams compete in building huge, beautiful sculptures out of snow. The 72nd one, scheduled for 2021, is “currently under consideration to be held at a reduced scale and without large snow sculptures.” Here is the official website.
  2. The reference to the Japanese who had gotten kidnapped in the Middle East is very likely Goto Kenji.
  3. A ¥100 raise to a ¥2,000 salary isn’t all that much, is it…
  4. I love how Myu just brings out all the tsukkomis from Kazuhiko lol. Completely defying Newton’s Third Law.
  5. When Shingo mentioned his student ID, apparently students in Japan get a school handbook that includes their personal information, and this handbook can serve as proof of their identity. Looks almost like a passport, even.
  6. Just a small translator’s note: I had previously translated 横浜新道 as “Yokohama By-Pass” because that’s what it said on Wikipedia, but when I searched for Tammachi Station on GMap, turns out Google is going with “Yokohama Shindo Road,” so I’ve updated the previous part accordingly.
  7. Dungeon clarification: Yokohama Dungeon is close to Tammachi Station.
  8. New dungeons introduced:
    • Sapporo (Odori Park)
    • Sendai
  9. At least Kazuhiko had the presence of mind to keep his powers in check, unlike a certain bald hero 😂

Aaaaand that’s it for this time. Next time we’re immediately starting off with the second stage exam, so look forward to it!

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