Mmmm there aren’t too many footnotes this chapter, as there’s not too much world building. But instead, there’s quite a bit of character building, so look forward to that 😄

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This time it’s less footnotes and more just my own comments haha 😅 But still, enjoy!

  1. ¥2,000/hr equates to around US$18.93 (so ¥288,000 is about US$2,725). For reference, the average hourly wage for part-time jobs in Japan is around ¥1,000/hr. So it’s a very good rate, as far as part-time jobs go.
  2. So apparently cakes you don’t bake is a thing. It’s called “rare cheesecake.”
  3. In just half of the book, Kazuhiko’s age has already gone up by 8. And in that time, he’s become a card collector lol 😂
  4. For reference, the actual member countries of the G7 are: America, Canada, Japan, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Italy. Shinozaki-sensei didn’t mess with those.
  5. New countries introduced:
    • Kanada = Canada
    • Franze = France
    • Bryten = Great Britain
    • Itali = Italy
    • Rushian Federation = Fandead Russian Federation
    • Great Kang Kingdom = North Korea (we finally get the name; it’s not confirmed yet, but I’m expecting the leader’s last name to be “Kang” instead of “Kim,” but we’ll see)
    • Republic of Sina = Taiwan
      (China’s full official name is The People’s Republic of China (PRC), whereas Taiwan’s full official name is The Republic of China (ROC). So whereas the former is called “Sina” in this work, perhaps later on the author will come up with a nickname for Taiwan too.)
  6. Dungeon clarification: Paris Dungeon is on the Avenue des Champs-Élysées (the road running between the Place de la Concorde and the Place Charles de Gaulle (where the Arc de Triomphe is located))
  7. Ind*a*a Jo*es = Indiana Jones, for those who didn’t get it.
  8. There we go! “Adventurers” in real life!
  9. Akane promising to “top” Kazuhiko 😏
  10. Mari made the same mistake Kazuhiko did by accidentally calling the goblins “¥500” lol.
  11. Owwww the jab at Kazuhiko’s age.
  12. That illustration of Mari with Myu is just diabetes 🥰
  13. Lmao here we go, Kazuhiko getting into stride with his tsukkomis! But seriously, a punching rabbit? Maybe it came from the term “rabbit punching“?

Alright folks, that’s all we got this time. Yea, it really was more personal comments than footnotes haha, sorry about that.

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