I really love doing footnotes for this series, especially with how grounded it is 😁

For those who want to skip straight to the chapter, here it is: JNC

Alright, here are the footnotes!

  1. New countries introduced:
    • Reich = Germany
    • Filipines = Philippines
    • Oriental Republic of Sina = The People’s Republic of China (so yep, South Sina Sea)
    • “The North” = North Korea (though specific name hasn’t been revealed yet)
  2. New dungeon locations revealed: Seattle, Los Angeles
  3. For a general idea of how big 600 sq m (~6,458 sq ft), here’s an example: https://youtu.be/cZbZ4yhg_fw
    Tbh, it’s a bit smaller than I’d imagined, what with him keeping the yard clear (for the entrance to Abyss) plus the company’s main building. Depends on how many floors he builds though, I guess.
  4. “Squishing monsters like ants” has got to be a jab at 自宅にダンジョンが出来た。, right? 🤣 (Couldn’t find this one on NU, probably hasn’t been picked up by anyone yet.)
  5. I’m gonna just put this out here, but please DO NOT flood the comments with stuff regarding corporal punishment. That conversation can only get people riled up. This scene is in the story, skim it if you didn’t like it, move on. This is the only depiction.
  6. I thought “So you have chosen death.” was a fun touch. It was Shinozaki-sensei who put it in, not me. Whether he actually knows the meme or not is anybody’s guess 🤷‍♂️
  7. Oh yes, Jointly Sealed Covenant being as OP as ever.
  8. Who saw the “Teleportation” coming? Raise your hand! (Not me; I really liked the twist when it came up haha.)
  9. In case you’ve forgotten, the Kantei is where the Japanese Prime Minister lives and works.
  10. We are starting to get the names of the Japanese Cabinet. Fun fact, the Chief Cabinet Secretary’s name, “春日”, can be read as both “Kasuga” and “Haruhi”.
  11. One tenth of the 31,557,600 seconds that make up a year (one revolution) is 3,155,760 s = 876.6 h = 36.525 days. Close enough.
  12. The talk about the “energy revolution” makes me think of the agricultural revolution. If this actually did happen in real life, it would completely flip our world over (as this series will go into in depth).
  13. I did tweak the hydrogen energy part a bit. I hope it’s easy enough to understand!
    According to a Quora thread I found, ppl apparently couldn’t agree on a specific answer to “how many liters of hydrogen can be extracted from one liter of water.”
    I suspect the discrepancy lies in the rounding of some constant in Avogadro’s Law to varying decimal places. 1,235 L and 1,243.2 L and 1,240 L all came up, so IMO Shinozaki-sensei’s 1,245 L is close enough.
    But feel free to do the math yourself and post it in a comment below!
  14. Go NEETs and hikikomoris of Japan!
  15. Finance Minister Souma is my favorite politician now.
  16. Lol at “the world’s largest online shopping site, Forest.”

Whew, there was quite a bit this time. Hope you guys enjoyed the part!

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