Ey, in case you guys don’t know, I’ve made a Google “My Map” for this series, it’s on the Table of Contents page. I’ve even put the locations introduced in each part by layer! Feel free to check it out!

As always, here’s the chapter for those who want to jump right into it: JNC

And below are this time (Part 3)’s footnotes and my comments:

  1. First comment is: Kazuhiko’s done it! “Adult reasons.” No more frustrating unnecessary “begone, THOT” scenes.
  2. All da money. Goddamn. Daily income of ¥1.5M = US$14,200. Goddamn. Even considering that it feels like 6 days for him, US$14,200 is A LOT, cus that’s still US$2,366.67/day. Or do I just feel that way cus I’m poor? 😅
  3. Pay your taxes properly! (Mainly cus what happens when the gvt busts you is scary.)
  4. Right after the previous comment, now we have money laundering. Kek. At least he’s still paying taxes on it haha.
  5. “Missile tests being conducted in a certain country” eh? It’s so terrible how that phrase alone is already enough for us to know which country it is 🙈
  6. Jointly Sealed Covenant so OP.
  7. New dungeon locations revealed: London, Paris, New York, Chicago, Osaka, Sydney, Seoul, Beijing, and lastly, Yokohama. Yep, shit really starting to hit the fan.
  8. Of course “GAMERICA FIRST!” is his first line. Do I even have to spell out who “President Ronald Howard” is supposed to be? 🤣
  9. New countries introduced:
    • United States of Gamerica = United States of America (obviously)
  10. The Kantei is basically the Japanese counterpart to the White House.
  11. Apparently there are two different Tokyo dialects. Here’s the Wikipedia article if you’re interested.
  12. The Shousetsuka ni Narou reference made me lol out loud. Gotta respect the hussle, yo.
  13. Those curious about ODA, here’s the Wikpedia article.
  14. Whoo! There we go; the reason for the series’ title finally comes up!
  15. The logo……. is basically the Ghostbusters logo, isn’t it? 🤣
  16. Kazuhiko: *puts on the knuckle dusters* Fine, I’ll do it myself.
  17. Lol at how the Ufufu Lotion card never has stock.
  18. Apparently the shovel fighting thing is kinda actually real. According to Wikipedia, “Modern commando forces, too, are trained to fight with entrenchment tools.”
    Then there’s this, which I can’t tell whether is real or not: https://en.illogicopedia.org/wiki/Shovel_Combat
  19. Yes I know it was 3 aboveground hours for each cycle earlier on, then 4 later on. I suppose Kazuhiko is still working it out.
  20. Japan Small and Medium Enterprise Management Consultant Association (J-SMECA) is a real association.
  21. I thought a 50 cm rabbit was big, but turns out, real life has ones that are even bigger. The longest Flemish Giant Rabbit on record is supposedly 1.3 meters long!

Kk, that’s it for this time. Hope you’re liking where this series is going! I told you; it’s realistic. But it’s also fun. Probably what I found most hilarious is the introduction of President Howard. Oh we’re gonna have so much fun with this character hahahaha.

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What do you find most hilarious about this part? Let me know!