In this volume, Kelvin & co. visits the Village of Elves, where they learn things about Efil’s past
But while they’re there, Trycen comes knocking, so it’s time for the gang to show off their stuff once again!
And the guy on the cover… Yep, that’s Clive.
Make sure to pick up a copy of this action-packed volume! (as in, it actually had a ton of SFXs…)


“You sure are powerful—far more than anyone else I’ve ever fought!”

After Kelvin’s party gains its newest member—Rion, a Hero summoned from Earth—they all head for the Forest of Crests, arriving just in time to intercept an entire Trycenian force accompanied by a Rank S monster that is closing in on the Village of Elves. To make matters worse, they then encounter the despicable and depraved Clive, who possesses power on par with Kelvin’s.
The black-clad battle junkie and his friends fight with their lives on the line, but the enemy’s strength turns out to be even greater than what they could imagine! Join this adrenaline-loving warrior as he brings all his magic to bear in this stormy fifth volume of an epic journey!

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