In this volume, Kelvin & co. get to enjoy everything Toraj has to offer, and goes all the way up to where Trycen moves.
That includes meeting Tsubaki, Kelvin buying his house, Melfina & Sera’s first fight, and Rion’s summoning, among many other events!
And once again, there are a ton of amazing Kelvin faces lololol
Make sure to pick up a copy!


“We’re always looking for fights with more powerful foes. The fun’s just getting started.”

After wiping out Black Wind in Toraj and fulfilling his desire to fight the Heroes of Deramis, Kelvin returns to Parth just in time to greet the goddess Melfina, who has finally finished preparing her artificial body and is ready to join the party in person. Along with her descent to the mortal plane, she bestows the Blessing of the Goddess of Reincarnation upon Kelvin, which enables him to summon a Hero of his own! As Kelvin’s party continues growing in size and in strength, the militaristic nation of Trycen stirs in the shadows. Amid the rapidly changing situation, Parth’s ultimate battle junkie receives notice of his Rank S promotion exam, which requires him to…solve a mystery?! Join this black-clad warrior and his allies as the action ramps up even more in the fourth volume of this epic journey!

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