This is the one with Black Wind and the Heroes of Deramis, so you basically get to see Kelvin & co at full throttle all throughout.
There are SO MANY awesome Kelvin faces in this one hahaha.
Make sure to pick up a copy!


“Leave your idealism at home. If you wish to change the world, first get strong enough to do so!”

After Kelvin’s forces are bolstered by the addition of Sera, the daughter of the late Demon Lord Gustav, the party sets out for Toraj, the Country of Water. There, who do they encounter but…the Heroes of Deramis?! With the promise of combat on the horizon, there is no way our favorite battle junkie would miss out on such a perfect opportunity. He waits in anticipation for the clash against the Heroes of Light, Wind, Water, and Darkness, and if a few pesky bandits mean to get in his way…well, he’ll just have to “play” with them too! Join this black-clad warrior and his allies as they continue to make a name for themselves and travel abroad in the third volume of an epic journey!

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