WHOOOO! Vol 8 of Black Summoner is out!
Kelvin & co. visits the Holy Empire of Deramis, where they meet a lot of new interesting characters!
Some friendly, some weird, and some not so friendly.
The only thing that’s confirmed is the fighting!
Hope you enjoy the ride!
As always, giving a big shout out to Tess, my editor, for doing an awesome job!

After encountering Ange in Gaun, the Country of Beastkin and learning of the existence of the Apostles, Kelvin, the battle junkie Summoner from another world, and his companions decide to visit the Holy Empire of Deramis. There, they are granted an audience with Pope Philip, who offers them information on Iris, the alleged leader of the Apostles, and Serge, a Hero from lore. Just then, the famous Heroes of the current age happen to return from their own journey to the Western Continent. Unbeknownst to these two groups, Deramis will soon be plunged into a commotion as the Apostles enact the next part of their plot! Come along for the ride as this black-clad Grim Reaper and his friends stand up against a new foe in the eighth volume of this epic journey!

Below are the purchase links. As always, I highly recommend getting the Premium version on J-Novel Club; it comes with side stories!
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